Solar Panels

Under the terms of covenants which apply to all properties on Moor Park estate, the approval of the Company is required for all building works, including the installation of both solar panels and air conditioning units.

Photovoltaic (PV) roof panels require the Company’s formal approval. This will only be granted where the panel installation is not visible from the road. This is to protect the visual nature of Moor Park, one of its special and unique features.

In addition, the same limitation is contained within the guidelines of the local authority’s Conservation Area Appraisal. Please click here. Developers, owners and residents should contact Three Rivers District Council to find out if the Council’s planning permission is also required: this is likely because of the restrictions contained within its Conservation Area guidelines. Residents are advised to retain any documentation from the Company and from TRDC in order to assist later enquiries such as a house sale.

Air Conditioning Units

Before any installation begins, the Company should be informed of plans to install air conditioning units (ACUs) because, as with solar panels, formal approval is required from the Company. Permission is generally granted if the units are mounted at ground level so that they are not visible from the road or from neighbouring properties. The units should be screened to lessen noise.

Planning permission for these units may also be required from TRDC. In the past, where air conditioning units have been installed without permission of both the Company and TRDC, the Council has taken enforcement action to have the units removed at the owner’s expense.