Security within Moor Park is primarily the responsibility of Hertfordshire Police.

Residents are responsible for the security and safeguarding of their property and possessions by whatever means they chose but are requested to follow police advice on securing their premises and vehicles. In addition, residents are encouraged to use discreet camera/doorbell systems as these are proving very helpful in aiding Police with criminal investigations.

There is a Neighbourhood Watch scheme organised through the Residents’ Association which is based on people reporting anything suspicious.

Please click here for the neighbourhood watch website.

The Company works closely with the local police force and regular meetings are held with our community officers who look after Moor Park and Eastbury. The police encourage people to use the non-emergency contact number of 101 if they see anyone acting suspiciously. In case of emergency, call 999.

Moor Park (1958) Ltd provides additional security with the employment of a 3rd party contracted security company to provide officers who perform four primary functions:

  • The control of traffic on the Estate to people with legitimate business within the Estate and monitoring the working hours of professional gardeners and building contractors
  • Control of parking and regular security patrols within Moor Park
  • Please contact our security team on either 07415 499146 or 07575 179823

Access and Traffic

Access to the private roads on Moor Park are from 7 entrances but there is a ‘No Through Road’ policy and no general right of public access over these roads. Visitors to the Estate may use  the Estate roads to gain access to a residential property, to use the shops on Lower Main Avenue or for access to the London Underground station. There is a speed limit of 20mph on all the private Estate roads.

The Company has security cameras at all Estate entrances providing number plate recognition (ANPR) capability to record a vehicle’s average speed. Any driver who seeks to use the Estate as an unauthorised trespasser for travelling between Tolpits Lane, Hampermill Lane (Watford Road) or Batchworth Lane, may be stopped and turned back from whence they came.

Traffic with legitimate business on the estate is regulated by means of Moor Park’s vehicle emblem system. Vehicles not displaying a valid coloured emblem, indicating their authorised presence, are stopped and the drivers questioned on the purpose of their visit.