Emblem Forms

Cars belonging to individual members who live and own a house on the Estate are entitled to a Members’ green emblem, which allows them full  rights of access over the Estate roads.

Other regular users of the roads may be supplied with different coloured emblems, which indicate access for specific purposes such as visitors and trades.

All emblems are numbered and apply only to the vehicle for which they have been issued. An application form is available from the Office and you will be required to provide the vehicle registration number, make, model and colour. You may also be requested to provide evidence of ownership, to ensure that the issue of emblems does not extend beyond people who are entitled to use the Estate roads.

All emblems should be displayed on the windscreen in a clearly visible position. When you change your vehicle, please destroy the old emblem and advise the office so that the old vehicle’s details can be removed from our system and the new vehicle’s details can be entered.

The issue and display of an emblem serves two purposes:

  1. It demonstrates that the use of the road is permitted for that particular vehicle.
  2. It assists our security guards in identifying the vehicle when checking traffic at Estate entrances or monitoring vehicles around the Estate.

Members / Residents Form

Please supply below the registration number(s) and details of all vehicles in your household that are garaged on the Estate.

I confirm that no vehicles, other than those detailed above, should be registered to this address.

When changing a vehicle please advise the office and request a form in order that correct records are
maintained and you are not shown as an unauthorised user. The old emblem should be attached to the completed form as they are not transferable.

When you receive your new emblem, please place it on the bottom left hand corner of the windscreen.

Please note that emblems remain the property of Moor Park (1958) Limited. I agree for Moor Park (1958) Limited to hold this information on their computer database. I understand the information will be kept confidential, used only for Company administration purposes and will not be passed to any third party. By filling in this form you agree to the Companies Data Protection regulations.

Temporary Visitors Form

Trade Visitors Form

Community Visitors Form