Moor Park (1958) Limited and its website ( accepts and responds to the need for privacy of personal data of its Members, staff, clients and customers. The Company Privacy Policy obtains and uses information in various ways.

Personal information

The information obtained is name(s), address, telephone number, email address and car registration numbers. This information is stored in the Company’s record system.

  • Personal information is used to contact Members to answer and process requests for assistance or information, and to assist the payment of annual frontage charges required from its Members.
  • The Company complies with legal requirements for insurance purposes, and for requests from government or local authorities by ensuring that only basic and necessary details are held.


Data collection and storage is securely protected within the Company’s electronic data collection system to prevent unauthorised access to the personal data of its Members collected and stored in the Company’s systems.


The Company does not sell or trade or make available in any way the personal information of its Members to third parties. The Company does not advertise the Company’s services. The Company does not collect any information on children.


Rights for Members under GDPR are:

  • To access their personal data held by the Company and used for the Company’s sole purposes
  • To be provided with information on how a Member’s personal data is collected, processed and used
  • To enable corrections to be made by Members to their personal data
  • To have personal data removed
  • To object to or restrict the use of their personal data.

Members have the right to take any complaint(s) about how the Company processes and uses their personal data to the Information Commissioner: Telephone 0303 123 1113 or at


Personal data is not kept for any longer than is necessary, taking into account any licensing and/or legal requirements.

Frontage Contribution

Under the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company, a Member remains liable for the payment of frontage contributions until his or her successor in title has become a Member of the Company.

Therefore, to avoid continued liability for a purchaser’s frontage contributions, it is the responsibility of the seller or that of their solicitor to ensure that transfer of Membership of the Company must be a condition of sale.

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